ANTI-KEIM 50 does not cause any problems or impairment for people or the environment.

You do not need any special approval to use ANTI-KEIM 50 in irrigation and mist/humidification systems. ANTI-KEIM 50 is to be used according to the instructions for use.

ANTI-KEIM 50 has been designed particularly for such systems.

ANTI-KEIM 50 can be used in overhead sprinkler systems to prevent biofilms and contamination of the water.

ANTI-KEIM 50 is outstanding in the elimination of biofilms and prevents the re-growth of biofilms very effectively. The combination of H2O2 and silver is currently the only reliable agent to combat biofilms.

ANTI-KEIM 50 is effective against all bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, Salmonella, Legionella etc.

ANTI-KEIM 50 is up to 1,000-fold more effective than customary H2O2 and therefore develops its full potential at lower concentrations.

ANTI-KEIM 50 is certified according to ISO 9001, 13485:2003 and ISO 14001 and is monitored.

ANTI-KEIM 50 does not contain any QAC or similar substances. Neither are QAC or similar substances processed in our production. We do not produce any other products that contain this or similar harmful substances. These substances are not used at any point in the production chain.

Nanosilver is not used in ANTI-KEIM. Nanosilver is elemental silver and is not used in ANTI-KEIM.

ANTI-KEIM 50 ist nach der Biozidrichtlinie registriert für die Produktarten 1,2,4,5 + 11.

ANTI-KEIM 50 ist bei der NSF/ANSI gelistet als zugelassenes Produkt für Trinkwasser.

ANTI-KEIM 50 ist auch in der Fibl zur Behandlung von Produkten, Obst und Gemüsen nach biologischen Anbau registriert.

ANTI-KEIM 50 does not contain any so-called toxic substances and degrades to form water and air. The very low silver content is below the limit of the Drinking Water Ordinance and is not harmful to health